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Port Gamble Bay - Port Gamble Bay

There is hardly anywhere on the reservation that feels more special than the beach at Point Julia. The Tribe has been diligent in protecting Port Gamble Bay and has put tremendous efforts and resources into seeing that the Bay is returned to a healthy state.

The Port Gamble S'Klallam Foundation has supported this effort in many ways including securing and supporting grant requests.

The Foundation supports and participates in a new group, Sustainable Little Boston, where we are looking at everything from composting to using recycled paper products. Along with environmental practices, education is going into the Tribe's monthly newspaper and highlighted at community events.

The Foundation has also contracts with a local company for recycling at large events.

  • Port Gamble Bay
  • Fish pen holding mature fish
  • Fish ladder to hatchery

The Tribe works with the natural seasons as the fish return to the hatchery at Point Julia. The salmon eggs are taken and nurtured into small fish so they can be released into the bay. Many of the returning fish are smoked or canned, providing sustenance to tribal families. In 2012 the Tribe resurrected an ancient traditional ceremony of giving thanks to the salmon.