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There's nothing more moving than watching a group of young S'Klallam children talk about themselves and their families in their own language. Tribal departments are incorporating the S'Klallam language in their programming, messaging, and day-to-day conversations.

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Elders of today remember their parents and grandparents speaking their language when they were small children. There was a time when children were taken from their families and sent to boarding schools. At the boarding schools they were punished for speaking their language. That dark part of tribal history is over, and there is joy and pride in speaking, teaching, and using the S'Klallam language.

The Port Gamble S'Klallam Foundation oversees several grants and donations so that teaching the S'Klallam language can continue. A recently published book, Klallam Dictionary, by Timothy Montler is a wonderful resource. The Tribe's Cultural Resources office has a few copies for sale and it's available on Amazon. You can get a copy of the Klallam Dictionary at the Tribe's Cultural Resources office—please call Marie Hebert at 360-297-6359 to arrange a day and time that's convenient.